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Chemistry (5 Sites, 371 Hits) 11/03/2004

Featured Ring World wide web resources in Chemistry, all aspects; information, experiments, news.

The Extended Periodic Table (7 Sites, 224 Hits) 12/26/2000
Featured Ring This ring displays a variety of predictions for the extended periodic table and challenges the scientific community to finally determine which one of these predictions (if any) is both theoretically and experimentally verifiable. Fundamentally related sites about the periodic table, atomic orbitals, atomic theory and structure, nuclear stability and new elements are welcome to join. Suggested articles: "periodic law" and "transuranium elements".

Chemistry on Web (11 Sites, 1370 Hits) 03/26/1998
Featured Ring The Chemistry on Web is a Webring of Web- Sites in Chemsitry. The primary goal is to help the surfers to navigate to the Chemistry Web Space. Your page should be written in english.


the chemist (5 Sites, 333 Hits) 04/12/2002
Featured Ring You are a pro, a student or just admire chemistry. This is your web page.

Chemical (3 Sites, 221 Hits) 09/17/2000
Featured Ring Chemicals, chemistry, manufacturers, educators, chemical data providers, and related services and products, companies and organizations.

Crystal Growing (3 Sites, 276 Hits) 09/04/2004
Featured Ring All crystals Growing site for experts or Hobbyists

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