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A Matter of Time (4 Sites, 322 Hits) 12/11/2003

Featured Ring The one ring genuinely devoted to Time and its many facets!!! You won't exactly time-travel here, but you will certainly navigate Time in many ways, as you surf this Ring!

Time is part of Human existence. Time has many facets, Clock Time, Calendar Time and Human Time, among the ones we are most familiar with. Time has fascinated many science fiction writers and philosophers, though no Science is yet able to define or agree on what Time is.

This ring contains literary pages, scientific pages, philosophical pages, and fun pages.

Boundaries of Science (19 Sites, 866 Hits) 03/17/1998
Featured Ring Boundaries of Science webring is for web sites exploring the boundaries of science. This means that the scientific method is believed and practiced but applications are more imaginative than those taught in school. We won't have a fit if you mention Cold Fusion, Aether, Faster than Light, or New Theories, but we do expect ideas to be well thought out and claims to have scientifically testable predictions or actual test results.

Scientific Philosophy (9 Sites, 181 Hits) 08/10/1999
Featured Ring Philosophizing on Reality based upon scientific understanding of the Universe. To answer the BIG QUESTIONS is what we hope to achieve. Some examples of the BIG QUESTIONS are as follows :- why is there a Universe?, what is Reality?, what exactly is a Universe and Why?, what exactly is Gravity?, what exactly is Energy/Mass?, why is there not total Nothingness? and how amazing is it to even contemplate such aspects of Reality?

Amazing Tesla's High Voltage Machines (2 Sites, 74 Hits) 02/14/2002
Featured Ring Discover the Amazing Secrets of Nicola Tesla and why even today his discoveries are covered in obscurity. We've done some digging and you can amaze your friends with the plans you can build right now.

Consciousness (2 Sites, 67 Hits) 09/03/2001
Featured Ring Find in this ring all manner of websites pertaining to some aspect of our consciousness, with an especial focus on raising it, on heightening awareness of our selves, our dreams, our surroundings, and of the thoughts, dreams and feelings of others.  Pictured:  a mandelbrot image created by Benutzer:Altervista (which may or may not be the Wikimedia Commons member name of the image's creator).

The NLP™ Web Ring (2 Sites, 95 Hits) 03/07/1999
Featured Ring This webring is for webpages that include information on or personal experiences with Neuro Linguistic Programming™ (NLP™), Design Human Engineering™ (DHE™) and/or Persuasion Engineering™ (PE™). Personal webpages which include such information are welcome. Professional websites advertising training in any of these subjects must indicate that the training has been certified by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.™ Este webring es para páginas web que incluyan información o experiencias personales con Programación Neuro Lingüística™ (PNL™), Design Human Engineering™ (DHE™) y/o Persuasion Engineering™ (PE™). Paginas personales que incluyan esta información son bienvenidas. Websites profesionales que anuncien cursos en esos temas deben indicar que el entrenamiento es certificado por the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.™

Radiesthésie (2 Sites, 190 Hits) 02/23/2000
Featured Ring La radiesthésie, comment ça marche, quelles sont ses applications, qui l'utilise et pourquoi faire, ... Un anneau pour tous les sites qui diffusent des expériences, des points de vue sur les applications de la radiesthésie à la géobiologie, au feng-shui par exemple ou encore à la bioénergie, à la recherche d'objet ... Bref c'est un anneau où l'on ne vend pas mais où l'on partage.

Aux frontières de la science (1 Sites, 148 Hits) 09/21/1999
Featured Ring Ce "cercle" en Français tente de regrouper tous les sites qui présentent des hypothèses scientifiques nouvelles, souvent à la frontière des hypothèses communément admises.

Matriarchats-Ring (1 Sites, 136 Hits) 08/07/2000
Featured Ring Dieser Ring macht die Gesellschaftsform Matriarchat wieder bewusst und bekannt. Hier werden Informationen über alte und heutige matriarchale Lebensformen angeboten, wobei die einzelnen wissenschaftlichen Disziplinen überschritten werden. Seiten, die sich inhaltlich mit der Staats-und Gesellschaftsform Matriarchat beschäftigen sind willkommen. Bitte keine reinen Göttinnen- Frauen- oder Wicca-Seiten anmelden.

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